Canadians in Germany – part 2

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Liebe Leser, vor ein paar Wochen habe ich das erste Interview mit Kanadiern in Deutschland für Sie auf unserer Webseite präsentiert.  Der zweite Teil ist ein Interview mit einer Kanadischen Familie die seit nun acht Jahren in München wohnt.  Charles Ferland kam wegen der Arbeit nach Deutschland, kurz darauf folgte ihm seine Freundin (und heutige Ehefrau)Nancy Turcotte.   Ein paar Jahre später freuten sich die beiden dann über die Geburt ihrer Töchter Ann-Sophie und einige Zeit danach Clara.  Mit ein paar Fragen habe ich versucht zu erkunden warum sie in Deutschland sind und was sie hier mögen odervermissen.  (das Interview ist im Übrigen in englisch) Und vielleicht erkennen wir wieder einmal, daß Deutschland durchaus ein schönes Land zum Leben ist…auch wenn Kanada wunderbar ist :).

What part of Canada are you from?

We came from Montreal.

What brought you to Germany?

Work and love, as one of us followed the other.  But also the need for a new challenging experience.

Why did you decide to make Germany your „home“?  

Germany became home after a few years.  We arrived in Frankfurt but after a while, because of work, we moved to Munich.  This is where our daughters were born.  We speak french at home, but as soon as the children were of Kindergarten age, we enrolled them in the German ones so they could learn the language and the culture.  Although we’ve made a comfortable life here, „home“ will always be Québec.

What do you like or dislike the most in Germany?

The social system and the services are particularly good – from public transportation to childcare services – we consider ourselves very privileged, especially when comparing to the services offered in Montreal.  Munich is a great city to live in, a secure, family-friendly and beautiful place to raise our kids.  On the other hand, what we don’t appreciate much is the German habit of „reprimanding“ people and using the first opportunity one gets to say loud and clear that you didn’t go by the rule.  But then again the same people won’t hesitate to „overtake“ you in a cue and push you aside to get in the tram first.  Courtesy and minding their own business is not always a strong point here.

What do you miss the most from Canada?

The customer service in stores and call centers and the grocery stores!

Should you go back to Canada, what would you like to take with you from Germany?

The public transportation services, the high quality products and the method of construction (at this cost) – we  would have a hard time finding a similar flat in Montreal.  And of course we would take the „Biergarten“ concept  with us!

What was your best experience in Germany so far?

Everything related to the birth of our two daughters.  The services available and offered as part of the insurances before the birth, the hospital experience and post-delivery with the „Hebamme“ plus the follow-up services available.  It gave us a feeling of security and comfort, especially since we had no family and support close to us.

Why is Germany a good country to live in?

We somehow live in our little bubble, like expats (mostly because of work), so we are not that familiar with the political situation.  Nevertheless we are living in a well managed country where the best decisions regarding economics are mainly made to bring the country further.  We pay a lot in terms of taxes but since the services and infrastructures are really good and useful for us, we prefer living here than anywhere else.

You live in Munich but have you visited other parts of the country so far?

We initially lived in the Frankfurt area for one year before moving to Munich. We visited most of Germany already and we still discover new places.  But we’re still to discover the northern part yet.

You have been living in Germany for eight years now.  Do you consider yourself more German or Canadian?

Sometimes we find ourselves thinking or behaving like Germans but our Canadian roots will always be stronger.

Do you plan to go back to live in Canada one day?

Yes, since Germany was never our final destination and we want to go back home in the near future.

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