Celebrating Canadian Music

Despite a relatively small population in a huge land, Canada’s music is extremely rich, colourful and alive.  Its numerous festivals througout the year show just how much music is celebrated in Canada.  Of course the popular music is very present but also the classical kind is very much awake.  One can find orchestras, operas and ballet all over the country; in the big cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton but also in the smaller towns like Oshawa, Kelowna, Owen Sound to name just a few.

Canadians love music.  Their own (you may want to visit cbc radio as Canada is looking for the best new Canadian artist) and of course the music from other countries.  Here for you, a list of different music festivals in Canada troughout the year. You might be lucky enough to enjoy one of them.

classical music

Elora Festival

Brott Music Festival

Festival of the Sound

Music and Beyond

New Brunswick Summer Music Festival 

Chamberfest Ottawa

Stratford Summer Music

Tuckamore Festival


popular music

Canadian Music Fest

The Summer Festival in Laval


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