Optimismus siegt bei 2. jährliche Wein & Wanderung

The DKG Rhein-Main Team held their second annual Wine&Walk on June 1st after having a weather-cancellation on the originally scheduled event day.  Justice prevailed as the brave optimists were duly rewarded, and those “glass-half-empty crowd” who let themselves be deterred by the weather forecast – Shame on you!! Since when is the weather forecast reliable!! – missed out on a great day in the beautiful Rheingau vineyards.

Admittedly, throughout the day we were more or less surrounded by threatening clouds to the south and north of us, looking to add to the already noticeably high water levels on the Rhein, but we were rewarded for our commitment to the outing and the sun fought its way through for us.  In the end, the eight of us had a great day out.  (You’ll notice the shadows we’re casting in the group photo testifying to the fact that the sun was in fact out as we started the tour.)

We set out to the north from our meeting point, towards the impressive Schloss Vollrads – a picturesque estate with its gardens, lake and medieval tower – on our way to Schloss Johannisberg.

Despite having planned the route out in advance, and the help along the way (see map), we managed to get sidetracked – maybe Burg Schwarzenstein distracted those who were supposed to know the way – but after a slight detour through a residential area, we managed to get where we were going.

The view from Schloss Johannisberg was pretty impressive, even if there was little, if any, blue in the sky over the Rhein Valley.  You could see why, when the weather cooperates fully, this place is overrun with tourists and locals alike.  We made our way along the path running between the grounds and the vineyards, getting a chance to take a bit of a break and enjoy the view.

From Schloss Johannisberg, we headed back down to the Allendorf Winery to refuel with a hearty meal and good conversation on the terrace.  We had interesting discussions about life in Germany from a Canadian’s perspective and some of the realities about life in Canada that may not be obvious to everyone.  We also spoke about opportunities and strategies for Germans wanting to immigrate to Canada and heard from first-hand experience that the immigration office in Canada can be as bureaucratic and seemingly incompetent as the German Auslaenderbehoerde – who knew!!  We were then ready for the memorable wine tasting experience – for those who came along, how cool was that with the blue light effect!?!

As always, it was a great exchange of ideas, and everyone had a chance to learn something new about Canada, Germany, wine, and how your senses can sometimes cause more confusion than clarity. We capped off a successful day by taking home some Riesling for the evenings on the balcony… now hopefully we’ll get some summer weather to go with it.