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Christmas Magic – The elves invade Canada

56721584 Sergey Nivens

They have pointed ears and noses, they are small, have thin legs and wear colorful clothing. The best way to attract them is in December with chocolate biscuits. During the day they are very quiet, but at night they become mischievous…in the morning they are found near the Christmas tree, this one adorned with the kids’ underwear…or they sit on the couch with all the teddies and dolls eating popcorn…or they lie next to the emptied cereals boxes…that’s how one finds the Christmas elves in the Canadian houses. But be careful, only up until December 24th, because then they have to return to the North Pole and help Santa Claus with the distribution of the presents.


Seven years ago, Régis Tremblay from Lac-St-Jean in Québec Province went for a walk in the snow along with his grandchildren.  And together they discovered traces of elves. Thereupon Mr. Tremblay caught a Christmas elf, which played Tricks during the night.  Only to be able to see the astonishment in the children’s eyes the next morning.  What began as an attempt to keep magic of Christmas awake for his grandchildren, literally became a new tradition spread throughout the province and this year even in Ontario and the Maritime Provinces. Almost everywhere the Christmas elves are sold out. On Facebook a page has been created, where parents post pictures to show what tricks the elves played on their family during the night.

Mr. Tremblay, the inventor, has even written a book about the story of how it all began and which elf came to the people first.
Now when December comes, the children can hardly wait for the special visitors.


You can find out more about the elves here (in French but with pictures)