HUE – Mouvements in Colour


Movements in Colour

Performances: October 1 ­ 2.2015 at Anothersidewalk, installation opened from 18­h to 22h Ritterstrasse 26, 10969, Berlin Anothersidewalk, Space #410

HUE is inspired by the way we colour our world.

“Colour is an integral element of our world, not just in the natural environment but also in the man-made architectural environment.” – Frank H. Mahnke

Whether it be in night clubs or hospitals, the choice of colour used in the design of spaces is always intentional. Blue is known to calm, red to excite, yellow supports concentration and electric green relates to productivity.

Colour is an integral element of our world, having a profound effect on us. It has the power to alter and influence our consciousness; spatially, physically and emotively.

HUE is a new work that explores the perception of colour in our environment.

The work questions the boundaries of installation, performance and audience participation, investigating colour as a bridge between visual art, dance and music. H UE invites audience members to become participative bodies in an active and immersive environment. The project is co­directed by Canadian choreographers and dancers Lisanne Goodhue and Élise Bergeron, in collaboration with UK visual artist Sebastian Kite and composer Simon Goff. The project is mentored by WARP record artist Mira Calix.

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HUE fills the room with translucent screens that capture projections of crossfading colours. This forms new impressions of architectural planes that affect the spatial dynamic of the room. The audience is invited to actively share the space with performers, passing between and under the screens. Sensors transform the space into an electronic musical instrument by capturing movement and triggering notes on software instruments. A musician directly interact with the sound, producing a real­time musical dialogue. Dancers engage and reflect the physicality of the room, generating specific qualities of movement. The choreography focuses on social interaction and physical awareness. The synthesis of visual art, music and dance enhance the audiences’ perception of the live experience.

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