Deutsch-Kanadische Eindrücke – Interview mit Adelina Matinca

Our next interview in the series features the wonderful and inspiring Adelina Matinca, a young Canadian woman who fairly recently relocated to Germany to follow the love of her life.  Adelina and her husband, Felix, met in Vancouver.  Both are dedicated DKG members.  According to Adelina, our DKG Co-Chairman Stefan Rizor, was the reason she and Felix met, so thank you Stefan!

-Which part of Canada are you from?

I spent most of my childhood and went to university in Toronto and then I moved to Vancouver for 5 years.

-Which place in Canada is your favourite?

From all the places I’ve been so far I would say sailing around different islands off of Vancouver. There are lots of magical places around there!

-How did you end up in Germany and why?

Well it’s a bit of a cliché, but love brought me to Germany. My husband is German.

-What do you miss the most from Canada?

I miss my family and friends the most, then come my favourite food and coffee places.

-What do you appreciate the most from Germany?

Germany has a lot to offer both as a country and culture. I appreciate how Germans take the time to enjoy traditions that bond people together such as Christmas markets, Carnival, Oktoberfest, and so on…

-What was the most difficult thing/situation to get used to in Germany?

My biggest hurdle was language. Once I was able to communicate, things became a lot more enjoyable for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot to learn in terms of the German language – there is always something new.

-You are writing a blog,, when did you start it and why was it important for you?

I started this travel/food blog so that I can keep in contact with my friends and family in Canada. It’s a great tool for people to see what I am up to and for me to get people closer to my life here in Cologne.

-You also started your own company,, which is daring and at the same time inspiring considering you haven’t been in Germany for very long, how did you go about it?

I tend to follow my gut instinct a lot – it’s always pointed me in the right direction. My passion for many years has been and still is cooking and entertaining, so I decided to start a business centered around those two things. I have been quite lucky to be surrounded by incredibly supportive people, who kept encouraging me. It’s not easy to start a business in a new country and at the beginning not fully speaking the language. So far my clients have been amazing and I am grateful. My main goal is to inspire people to entertain more often.

-What services do you offer?

Event planning services: decorations, catering, staff, location find. Anything really that relates and goes into planning for any event. For example, I’ve done; corporate events, baptisms, communions, birthday parties, private dinner parties, etc…

-What did you study?

I studied Journalism at the University of Toronto. Recently I started a master program at the University of Cologne called “Culture and Environment.” So far, it’s an amazing program!

-Your family has roots in another European country, what or where is home for you?

I was born in Constanta, which is a town located by the Black Sea. It’s a beautiful place and I visit quite often! I feel at home in many places all over the world.

-Do you ever consider moving back to Canada one day?

I tend to live in the present so that I can maximize and fully experience where I am in my life. Having said, you never know what the future holds.

-What would be your “secret” tip for someone visiting Canada for the first time?

Having an open mind and carrying a smile! But I think that applies wherever you travel, not just Canada.

And if by tip you mean “secret place” then I highly suggest taking the float plane to the Hot Springs north of Tofino on Vancouver Island!