Deutsch-Kanadische Eindrücke – Interview mit Sänger David Blair

David Blair is a very talented Canadian singer from Vancouver who decided to establish himself in Germany.  This was a very important decision for the artist and a very good one as beautiful things have been happening ever since.  David is touring Germany, don’t miss the chance to discover yet another great Canadian talent!

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You didn’t like music classes as a teenager, how and when did you decide to become a musician?

That’s correct – I didn’t like music classes at all when I was younger because I had to learn songs I really didn’t like or appreciate at the time but I learned one song by Bach however that I loved and can still play to this day – so that’s fun for me but the turning point for me was actually in 2006 when my song ‚Let You Go‘ got accepted on a compilation CD in LA and I flew down for the CD release party.  The party wasn’t anything crazy but the experience of going there and realizing that I wasn’t actually pursuing a career in music despite me saying that I was – was a wake up call and a moment of truth that I’ll never forget.  So I made a promise I would never give up music on Jan 19, 2006.

You left everything behind you to move to Germany two years ago, what was your motivation, did it help your career and why Germany?

I wanted to get a new start in my head and in my career. I was stuck in old way and old habits and had simply learned all I was going to learn where I was in Canada. I had to do something drastic to push myself out of a comfort zone and selling my house and everything I owned was a nice way to do that. I also had always dreamed of living in Europe for cultural reasons and the relative proximity to so many countries was alluring on top of the fact that Berlin is so cheap to live in.   I wanted to learn German from way back in the 90’s and I finally had the chance to do that!  And YES it totally helped my career – the European market has been amazing and the German people have taken me in as their own son – its been amazing.  Its taken me a full two years to learn some hard lessons but I’m in the best place of my life that I’ve ever been and I’m so excited to release my latest album – ‚What Are You Trying To Say‘ in the coming weeks here!

What do you like the most and the least in Germany?

I love mitfahrgelegenheit, apfelsaftschorle, the Autobahn, cheap gas, beer and wurst and I don’t even mind the rules! haha 

Not fan of paying to go to the bathroom but I’m used to it now and Germany needs to accept credit cards. Life would be easier I tell ya! haha 

What do you miss the most from Canada appart from your family and friends?

I miss my sport life – I used to play in a ball-hockey league, a flag-football league, and do triathons and so on – I can only train for marathons now while I’m on the road which is still cool but not the same. Also miss the North American culture a little bit now – its been full two years now and everytime I meet someone from North America I feel like we’re soulmates or something! haha

You wrote a playoff anthem for the Vancouver Canucks in 2010 for the Stanley Cup final which was very popular, what is a “Canuck (Canadian)” for you?

A Canadian is a friendly, open, humble and helpful.  I would like to know what other people think of Canadians!

You have been currently writing and releasing a new song/video every Sunday for the last 16 weeks, how do you find the discipline and do you always work alone?

Songwriting is nothing more than a message through lyrics, melodies and chords.  I don’t have the discipline – I just made a decision to do it so I could release what I have naturally in me every week. I’ve been writing songs for over 20 years now and I’ve been given a gift of being able to express myself through music very easily.  I got inspired to do this as a lifelong process after reading the quote by Aristotle that goes ‚you are what you repeatedly do – therefore excellence is not an act but a habit‘. I call myself a songwriter and I wanted to write songs as a habit.  I write alone mostly but I’m open to write with collaborators at anytime! 

You have been nominated three times for the US Billboard Songwriter Award, did you always write songs for yourself or do you also write for other artists?

I write a lot for myself but I write for other artists a lot as well and I have co-written many songs for artists – probably close to about 60 songs for about 50 different artists and bands dating back to the 90’s.

What is the achievement you are most proud of?

Great question – I’m really happy that my YouTube channel has now gotten over 250,000 views, that I’ve sold close to 8,000 CD’s and performed for people in 18 different countries but I think the achievement that really has impacted my life the most is the fact that I used to be deathly afraid of the stage and of people and was terribly shy with people I didn’t know and now people would argue with me to say that I’m a natural on stage. I love where I’ve come in my personal journey and that I now host people with my music on stage – I love taking care of people and I feel like I do that now when I perform live.

Who are your favourite Canadian and German artists?

I think my favourite German artists are Milky Chance and Cro – Canadian – well that’s a little harder but I actually really like Nickelback (and not just because we used to play shows together and I’m acquaintances with Chad Kroeger), Nelly Furtado and Justin Bieber and I’m not kidding about Justin – I think he’s a very talented guy and has released some great songs this year.