Bilateral Institutions

Associations and foundations


  • Association for Canadian Studies
    The Association for Canadian Studies is a non-profit association with 650 members as of December 2008. Its primary function is to coordinate Canada-related academic activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Foundation for Canadian Studies
    The Foundation for Canadian Studies is a charitable organization. Its priority is to support and promote Canadian Studies in German-speaking countries, by assisting in particular young scientists and academics.
  • Wilderness International

    “Wilderness International is an international group of dedicated conservationists promoting responsible world citizenship for the purpose of protecting the earth’s fragile natural treasures and at-risk ecosystems. We strive to inspire young people— our most precious natural resource—and to provide them with the opportunity to confront and manage environmental threats, inspiring others in turn.

    We work to preserve wilderness areas by preventing or limiting environmental damage caused by agricultural or industrial development. Our projects offer opportunities for real engagement.”


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