A memorable night – 15 Years Alive – with Gauthier Dance Company in Stuttgart

On May 13th, Eric Gauthier and his international team of dancers treated the members of the DKG
Baden-Württemberg to a rollercoaster of emotions in their celebratory dance show „15 Years Alive“.

The show celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Gauthier Dance Company’s existence and it featured a mosaic of modern dance works that ranged from somber to energetic choreographies. Honorary Consul in Stuttgart Thomas Reith, DKG Board Representative Martin Gutsch and DKG Regional Director Norbert Schmitz, expressed their gratitude to Eric and his team for the warm reception and insightful exchange at the start of the evening with a basket of delicious treats from Melody’s Canada. By the end of the evening, guests were raving about the event with words like „incredible“, „beyond all expectations“ and „let’s do this again!“

Be sure to join us at our next events in the Laendle, for example our Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner will take place in October. More details will follow. Until then, see you at the Virtual Canadian Pub Night or other DKG events.

DKG Regional Team Baden-Württemberg

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