Beautiful Prairies!

This year I had the chance to discover Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
I am originally from the East of Canada and over the years I’ve seen many places in my country. But I still hadn’t been to the Prairies.
Since my grand-father was born south of Winnipeg, I thought that it would be a good place to start.
In Winnipeg, I visited many interesting sites, among them the Museum of Human Rights.
So much worth the visit!! The architecture of the building is mind blowing and the exhibitions well researched and documented. So interesting and valuable.
A must see on anyone’s bucket list.

Often I heard that the Prairies were flat and boring.
I never believed this to really be true but I was not prepared to see that much beauty! Acres and acres of fields of green, yellow, gold, pink and purple!
I had the feeling I was driving on a sea of never ending colours.
And even lots of hills, not so flat after all, eh.

In the numerous tiny villages and small towns, I met some of the nicest people ever.
I was able to visit two museums (in St-Joseph and Winkler) where old buildings and objects of the past have been carefully kept. A glimpse through a window upon old times.

I continued my trip on road Nr. 3 to „Morden“. Quite a strange name when thinking in German. Driving there I visited the Canadian Fossil Discovery Center. It has the largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada. Very interesting!
Some of the biggest jaws I’ve ever seen.
Next stop Saskatchewan.

Here I continued on the „Red Coat Trail“. A route taken by the North West Mounted Police in 1874 to bring law and order to the West of the country. There are many historical sites on that route and the scenery is absolutely breath-taking. Fortunately for me, not many vehicles on it and so I was able to stop regularly to take pictures.

After a couple more days, I headed to Grasslands National Park, East Block.
That highway from Assiniboia is amazingly beautiful! I even saw a lake full of white american pelicans. The national park itself is spectacular… judging from what I saw.
Due to the extreme heat (42 degrees celsius when I arrived) and the smoke coming from flash-fires in Montana and Alberta, walks in the park were not allowed.
Fortunately for me, hiking was not my main reason for coming here.
Grassland’s status of being a dark sky reserve is why I chose this place at that specific time. I wanted to observe the perseids meteor shower. And I got lucky!
Although the smoke from the fires made the sky hazy, I could see the sky as I always dreamed of seeing it. Free of disturbing urban lights. There it was: the milky way in all its glory and many, many shooting stars. My bag of wishes is full now :).
I even got a bonus on the second night, howling coyotes!
Goose bumps guaranteed! Definite thumbs up here.

One of my favourite parts were the wonderful, colourful sunsets over the Prairies.
The immensity of the sky…it cannot be described, one has to see it. Certainly another must for your bucket list!

I am finishing my report with some pictures. I hope you enjoy them.
I wish you can go on your own trip through the Prairies some day.
A place well worth seeing!

P.S. You are welcome to share your Canada adventures with us,
send us a text and some pictures!

©D. R-Neuhaus

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