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Interview with Canadian Singer/Songwriter Morgan X Barrie

Morgan X Barrie is an original singer coming from Ontario, Canada. A cautious but warm presence on stage, the multitalented musician with a deep voice and catchy, meaningful songs will inevitably charm you. A must to discover!

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When you started doing music, you hesitated before playing in front of an audience, why is that?  And now that you do, how does it feel?
The music I write can be very personal, which inherently leads to feeling exposed and vulnerable.  I don’t love feeling vulnerable. To share myself with an audience can be a scary experience.  That being said, I have found beauty and personal growth in life by investigating the things that make me feel uncomfortable.  Now when I play live, I find it liberating and I feel a sense of connection with my audience (something you don’t get in a room by yourself). To face your fears and put yourself out there is very empowering.  

You are playing music with your dad, did he teach you instruments/singing? How many instruments do you play?
My Dad did teach me one note on the guitar and that’s about it.  He is a very talented wordsmith and enjoys singing, but has no musical ability when it comes to playing instruments. It makes for some interesting writing sessions, as I attempt to transpose his vision of a song into reality.  I, on the other hand, will try and play anything that will make a noise.  So, a bunch I guess?
Which artists have influenced you the most?
Martin Tielli
Nick Drake
Neil Young
Leonard Cohen
Bruce Cockburn
Daniel Lanois

Who is your favourite Canadian artist and why?

In this moment Leonard Cohen.  When I was introduced to Cohen in my early teens I instantly fell in love with his poetry and music.  He can take me places where no other artist can.  Also, the fact that he won a Juno (Canadian Musical Award) for best male vocalist one year, gives hope to us men that sing in a lower register.
Which is your favourite place in Canada and why?
My old cabin on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.  It was somewhat buried in untouched nature, removed from everything (No cell phone service, no internet, no humans…).  It was truly an escape, after a few days I would always feel re-tuned and more aware of myself then ever.  I recently sold it, but miss it dearly.
How did you enjoy your first time in Germany and what impressed you the most?
To be completely honest, I was blown away my first time in Germany.  I really had no idea of what to expect.  I quickly felt in love with the people, the architecture, and of course the beer is amazing!  Overall, I was most impressed with the respect and appreciation that the people have for arts and culture.  I am really looking forward to getting back and having the opportunity to dive even deeper on the up coming tour.  
If you could perform with just anyone, still present or gone, who would that be and why?
I would have to say my Dad.  He loves it so much.  During the last show I played with him, I remember looking over during the performance and seeing just how much he was enjoying every second of the experience.  I am currently working on a new album for him, so the chances are high that we will share the stage again soon.  

What would be your greatest musical achievement?

There is a large list of goals and musical achievements that I am striving for and will continue to do so.  The most important thing to me is to always be learning and playing the music I want to hear.  If I can do that, I believe I will be able to tick most, if not all of those boxes on my list.

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