Virtual Canadian Pub Night – Alberta Special


Last Friday Canadian Expats and Canadians at heart met yet again for another „Virtual Canadian Pub Night“.
This time the focus was on Alberta. Every month the Pub Night Team uses its network to connect Canadians and Canada Fans alike. This time we had the chance of hearing the wonderfully talented Calgary Singer/Songwriter Justine Vandergrift performing two beautiful new songs live. This magic moment was followed by a short interview with Justine whom we learned was nominated for two YYC Music Awards in 2020.
After that we turned to literature with the German Author Natascha Birovljev who lives in Alberta. Natascha presented us her book series „Willow Ranch“ of which a 4th book is coming out this Spring. The first of the series „Schattenpferde der Rocky Mountains“ will be published in English at the end of this year. The presentation was also followed by a short interview that gave us the opportunity to get to know the very talented and sympathetic Writer.
A Pub Night would not be one without a quiz. Prepared by a young German couple who now live in Calgary and who were participants of the DKG’s Work and Travel Program, the tricky questions kept everyone entertained and left with new knowledge of the western Province.
To end the evening, we had a very informative and interesting presentation of „The Bison Guys“, a team from Germany, importing Bison meat from Alberta.
Once again, a very successful and pleasant evening! Thank you so much to our great guests!

Don’t miss the next Pub Night which will be on April 23rd at 19:30. This time with a Nova Scotia Special!

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