„Québec ist leistungsstark und weltoffen!“ Interview with Minister Christine St-Pierre

Pls read the interview on the German page, thank you! Tags: feature

DKG yearly meeting 2015 in Mainz! Save the date!!!

DKG yearly meeting from 26th to 28th of June 2015! All the details here soon. Don’t miss Mainz! Tags: feature

The work and travel program of the DKG – an experience for life!

50 years WSP - Festschrift_DKG_2014-1.pdf 2 One focus of our work is the promotion of youth activities.   In cooperation with the Canadian Embassy in Berlin and many long-standing partners in Canada,  ...

Ice brings warmth too….

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Canada at CTM 2015 – Festival for Adventurous Music & Art

http://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2015/ctm-2015-un-tune/ Canada at CTM 2015 – Festival for Adventurous Music & Art ...

Air Canada shows diversity in safety video

Air Canada produced a security procedures video that should attract passengers attention.  ...

Photographs of ice fishing huts in Canada

Photographer Richard Johnson has been specialising in ice fishing hut photography for about 6 years now.  Every winter he visits different provinces in Canada and he accumulated over 650 pictures to put in his project that can be seen under http://www.icehuts.ca/ . No tags for this post.

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A nice way to earn a living…

A woman from Vancouver turned her hobby into her job…she creates piñatas. She is so successful that she is known internationally. More about it here… http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/video/video-inside-jobs-luxury-pinatas-this-colourful-vancouver-business-is-a-smashing-success/article22432255/ http://yourpinata.com/index.php?/about/   Tags: subfeature

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A German author in Canada/National Music Centre of Canada planned in Calgary

70599470 Jeff Fotolia.com   Thorsten Nesch, a German author living in Canada was invited in Germany and presented, among other projects, his book: “Buster, König der Sunshine Coast”.  A story about the 18 year old Sebastian and his adventure in Canada. http://www.bo.de/lokales/kinzigtal/kinderbuch-aus-dem-molerhiisli http://www.thorsten-nesch.com/autor/ AND a new building, “National Music Centre of Canada” planned in Calgary [...]

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Ice hockey: Canada still winner

Not only good news come from Canada these days. But in one area, Canada stays champion…in ice hockey of course. The boys as well as the girls. The U20 World Championship for the boys was hosted by Canada and the girls Nations Cup was hosted in Füssen, Germany. Congratulations! No tags for this post.

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The new DKG Journal/360 Grad Kanada has arrived!

The new DKG Journal has arrived.  This time with the main focus on Québec Provinz. Become a member now and get the whole magazine. [/media-credit] Tags: subfeature

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Happy New Year!

The DKG wishes all its members and friends of Canada, a wonderful year 2015! Check regularly in “Veranstaltungen” if you don’t want to miss any event! No tags for this post.

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Maple Table Bergisch Land 2015

The “Müngstener bridge”, tallest and oldest railway bridge in Germany, served as a model for the road bridge between Canada and the United States over Niagara Falls. We’re still meeting up in 2015 every first Tuesday in the quarter at 20:00  in the “Kachelofenstube des Hotels Remscheider Hof”. So the dates go as follow: 6.1.; [...]

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Merry Christmas!!

The DKG website editing Team is on holiday! We wish all our members, their families and all Canada fans, Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We will be back on January 2nd 2015. No tags for this post.

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Canada’s coolest winter travel destinations

From British Columbia to Newfoundland, Winter fun for everyone! Should you plan a trip to Canada this Winter… Canada’s coolest Winter travel destinations Tags: subfeature

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Nova Scotia – the place for exchange students

Versatile education, maritime climate, countless leasure activities in fantastic surrondings – Nova Scotia is a secret tip for German exchange students! The Director of the International Student Programs of Nova Scotia, Paul Millman, will be giving information about the area and the program for German students on Sunday, January 18th 2015 from 15:00 to 17:00 [...]

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