Our 2015 “WSP” students well arrived in Toronto

Our WSP participants arrived in Toronto at the end of July to start their Canada adventure. They were accompanied by member of executive board, Dr Ulrike Rausch who didn’t miss ...


Forum @ Kanada Haus Berlin 2015 – Results

Pls read the German page thank you! Tags: feature

tourist travel to canada

The work and travel program of the DKG – a great experience!

50 years WSP – Festschrift_DKG_2014-1.pdf 2 One focus of our work is the promotion of youth activities.   In cooperation with the Canadian Embassy in Berlin and many long-standing partners in Canada,  ...

seashells on seashore - beach holiday background

We are going on holidays!

Dear DKG members and Canada fans, the DKG website is on vacation. ...

HUE – Mouvements in Colour

Movements in Colour Performances: October 1 ­ 2.2015 at Anothersidewalk, installation opened ...

An elevator that’s 20km high

Would you get into a 20km high elevator? It could become the ...
Pouring water from bottle into glass on blue background

Maple water: THE new Canadian drink

Together with coconut water, kombudcha, green juices and so on, maple water is THE new healthy drink. More and more companies are specialised in marketing this fresh liquid; natural and full of promises. It does taste good if I can say so myself.  But if it does possess “magical” powers, only time will tell. Tags: […]

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View of Winnipeg

A vaccine to fight ebola developed in Canada

A vaccine developed in laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada, apparently offers 100% protection against ebola. This means we could be able to eradicate this deathly disease. Read more about it  here and here. Tags: subfeature

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Panoramic view of Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

From road trips to peaches…

From Vancouver to Tofino or Whistler; or from Montreal to North Hartley; A Tour of Pelee Island in Ontario; from Calgary to Lake Louise:  here some of the 10 best Canadian road trips….. And for those of us who can’t make it to Canada this summer…some Canadian flavour… Since a couple years we can find delicious German peaches on the […]

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KFZ - Handwerk - 17

Magna takes over transmission manufacturer Getrag

The Canadian- Austrian car parts supplier Magna took over the German transmission manufacturer Getrag.   The transaction should be completed by the end of 2015 . Overall, the deal is worth 1.75 billion euros. Pls read the details on the German page, thank you! Tags: subfeature

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logo interviews

German Canadian impressions – interview with Marthe Lemay – Canadian Consul in Düsseldorf

  What influenced you to want to become a diplomat? I must say that I never planned on becoming a diplomat; I came to it by pure chance.  I started my university studies in Business/Finance, like my father and his father before him.  Then I specialized in International Business, studying in Canada and in Europe.  […]

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San Diego Skyline

Comic of Canada Receives Top Industry Award

Canadian comics got many prices at the Comic Con in San Diego. Pls read the details on the German page, thank you! Tags: subfeature

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Vancouver BC Panorama

The most prestigious country is…Canada…and the best city, Vancouver!

A new poll places Canada as the country with the best reputation and Vancouver as the city with the best life quality…pls read all about it on the German page, thank you! Reputation Institute No tags for this post.

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Canadian Art in July + August * Ausstellungen * Exhibitions

We are happy to inform you about the following exhibitions in July and August: Viktor Briestensky + Adam Shiu-Yang Veins of Gypsum Mortar mit Aleksander Hardashnakov, Andrea Lukic Gruppenausstellung: 16.07. – 01.08.2015 Eröffnung: 16.07.2015, 18 Uhr Ashley Berlin Zossener Str. 41 10961 Berlin Ashley Berlin erhält Unterstützung durch die Botschaft von Kanada Aleksander Hardashnakov […]

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Canadians who made history / Before Céline Dion…

Emma Lajeunesse was born 1847 in Chambly, Québec.  The young woman would become the first Canadian international opera singer.  Even before Canada, became “Canada”. She started piano lessons with her mother at the age of four.  Then her father, Joseph, took over and she learned to play the harp and to sing as well as […]

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Montreal bridges over St Laurence river

Hochtief taking part in 1,6 billion euro contract in Montreal

The German company Hochtief will build a highway bridge in Montreal.     According to the company it is one of the most important projects of the North American transportation infrastructure – the new Champlain Bridge, that stretches from the center of Montreal over the  St-Lawrence River.   The existing bridge is one of the busiest […]

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